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Rajesh Joshi

Industry expereince of 6 years of experience in FPGA DSP. He having vast working experience on ANALOG AND DIGITAL COMMUNICATION, SIGNALS AND SYSTEM, DIGITAL ELECTRONICS, WIRELESS COMMUNICATION, AUTOMATIC,CONTROL SYSTEM, DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING. He has achieve physical application of AM-SSB, FM, AM-DSB, Digital AGC and Squelch (Module), DUC(Digital Up Convertor) and DDC (Digital Down Convertor), Adaptive Linear Equalizer based on LMS Technique, Low Data Rate waveform (up to 64 Kbps), High Data Rate Waveform ( up to 2 & 6 Mbps), Phase Offset and frequency Offset/Doppler Correction Techniques, Symbol Timing Recovery, Phase Ambiguity Resolution for PSK Modulated Signals, SNR Estimation Method for TCC Decoder.

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